Print Options


Prints are available in four different styles. All prints are fine art quality, and handmade here in the US.

Take a look below to learn more about what I offer, and feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

  • Metal Prints: Heat infused directly into the metal creating unsurpassed resolution and color vibrancy resistant to fading for 65+ years. Ready to display with a wire hanger (gallery style) attached to a black aluminum mount that contrasts nicely with the natural aluminum back. The frame is 3/4" deep which makes your image appear to be floating off the wall.   

      Finish: Glossy, Semi-Glossy and Matte

  • Acrylic Prints: The photograph is first printed onto a high resolution archival Metallic Photo paper using archival inks. This gives the print an iridescent and luminous appearance. Next the print is face-mounted (under the acrylic) onto a clear acrylic sheet. This creates a visual depth and vibrance that is unique to acrylic prints.  Ready to display with a wire hanger (gallery style) attached to a natural wood mount. The frame is 3/4" deep which makes your image appear to be floating off the wall.

      Finish: Glossy

  • Photo Paper Prints: Printed on a quality photo paper, that offers maximum color, image resolution ,and archival qualities. Finish: Glossy and Semi-matte

  • Canvas Wrap: Printed on an Art Canvas, then wrapped around a wood frame. Outside edges are finished, and black in color (1.25" depth). The print has a canvas texture.

My recommendations:


Metal Prints are my favorite. They are durable, and easy to handle. I prefer the Semi-Gloss finish, which is not as reflective as the gloss, but has a nice luster finish. If gloss is the look you prefer -- go for it! I have a couple of Metal Prints with a gloss finish...and they are beautiful! 


Having said that my preference is Metal, there is no denying the beauty of an Acrylic Print. Acrylic really pops! The image appears to have more depth, and has a little more vibrance (sharpness and color saturation). Acrylic is more expensive, and has a high-gloss surface, that can be reflective.


Photo Paper Prints are an option if you would like to have your print framed in a frame of your choice (I do not offer framing at this time). Please do realize that custom framing is expensive...this is why I like the above print options -- you receive a print that is ready to be displayed.

Canvas Wrap Prints have become a popular display option for photographs. Reasonably priced, and relatively light in weight (easy to hang on wall). They are quickly becoming a favorite display option for me. 

Print Size: The best way to determine the appropriate print size for your home (or office), is to find the place (wall) that you want to display the image​, and use a tape measure to determine the horizontal and vertical space you want the print to occupy. Too small a print will look proportionately odd on a large wall...and too large a print can look overwhelming.